I’ve faffed around for too long planning and drafting what I want to write about in this blog. Time is moving on too quickly and unless I start recording events now, I’ll be writing a reflective piece on the last five years of my work. I wanted this blog to be a nice, neat chronological account of everything that I have done so far with technology in the classroom. It isn’t going to happen. Instead, it will be a mix of posts. Some will reflect on the journey so far, the problems I encountered and how I overcame them (or not). Other posts will be about sharing the week by week developments in my own teaching. Don’t expect a nice neat timeline. However, I will try and tag and categorise everything though to make searching a little easier.

I can breathe more easily now. Every job seems easier once you actually start it.

Oh, and if you are looking for my old blog, I have deleted it. I’ll try and post some of the useful articles here in an archived section.


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